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wbottle- the most beautiful reusable vacuum flask

WBottle, The most beautiful, unique vacuum flask I can find on the market today!
Specially made for people who love fashion as much as they love our Mother Earth!

We all know "green" is the new black, but "green" may not always stylish! It's easy to find a bottle when you go hiking in the mountains, but very hard to find a nice bottle for your urban daily lifestyle. If you are looking for an elegant, stylish, very well designed double walled flask to go into your expensive handbags, and it has to match your new shoes, the color of your lipstick or even your eyeshadow! You have to try the wbottle!

Streamline modern design with beautiful glossy color, It holds 13oz/400ml of liquid but still slim enough to your luxury purses, It keeps your favorite drink 12 hours hot and 24 hours cool! No more plastic bottles in your beautiful bag, no more plastic bottles in our beautiful ocean.

WBottle also introduces a special designed colorful mouthpiece, which is not only prevent the metallic taste from stainless steel mouth but also give you better lip touch when you sip. wbottle also provides cool accessories like the cool ice-blocker and beautiful big size tea infusers, make it a perfect reusable water bottle for all kind of drinks.

If you are bored with the only fashionable flask which everybody got one already, this new wbottle will be a cool "green" item to show your personality in front of all your friends.

Be a chic ocean protector! Let's think green and drink beautifully together!    #wbottle

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democratic or potentates

I have this feeling long times ago that "the only thing which would slow down the human progress would be the "democratic system" , I still believe it today...

democratic is a very young system (compare to the human history), like a young kid jumping out with a lot energy and creativities, people never experienced such thing so believed it will be the new way for future progress after the big wars, a lot of countries applied this system till today. but be honest, we still don't know where this young system will lead us to… the world still not as good as we expected and it seems getting worse. only few democratic country seemed "success" for now, but under the same system still a lot poor nations around. if we look back today and compare the democratic system with the potentates system at both their peak period, it is hard to tell which is truly better…. 

just like the modern medicine,  cure your illness quickly, but a lot undiscovered side effects which will suffer our life many years later …  same thing like the technology, while we are happy with the convenience the technology brought to us today, I'm 100% sure we will suffer from it later in our future…. how about the Industrial Revolution we were so proud of ? so 300 year later we start to worry our mother earth and killed most of the animals in this planet. do we feel happier now? how about our children, do you think they are happier than our childhood ?

like a mirror, everything as 2 sides.

Xi just understand china and chinese better than others, not only him but also a lot young governors start to understand deeper between the " democratic liberal" and "potentates power" , they start to study the good and bad side between these 2 systems, so, after few decade hesitation, china now is pretty sure they will not follow either one, but create something in the middle.

when I'm running my company and also when I'm facing my 3 kids, I tried to be democratic… and I'm going to nowhere… my team can debate on small issue for days, my kid can fight for what to eat or play for hours….  so I changed myself to potentates mold, guess what?  things got much easier, I still let's them debate, but if they can not made their mind in certain period, or anything thing better, it will go my way, "bad decision better than no decision" … I learned it from steve jobs.

Apple, the most successful potentates company in the biggest democratic country, Steve was the king, the first condition he hires people is " my way or high way" ….. maybe apple is not a typical case to study, but definably an interesting one to think about.

overall, I don't believe in any systems, but I do believe in 3 facts which I think is important for the world:
1) a good LEADER, good leader can come from anywhere under any system or education and it always refer to how good is the second factor —   

2) LUCK, haha, don't laugh, just like "time" or "gravitational wave" this is something out of our knowledge now, but one day we may able to tell what it is and have better understanding      

3) long time peace. war is a game changing necessary process, like arable the land, soil need to be damaged to plan the seed, but once things start to grow, keep it peace and give it time.    

if any country meet these 3 factors, no matter which system they apply, they will be strong and provide good life to their people. but it never last, one thing hidden will always broken the perfect balance, so every nation goes up and down, up and down just like our life or women's mood, not because the system they use is good or bad, it is because there is something called "greedy", even Great like God created the Eden garden, a small snake broken it easily. human's greedy will finally destroy any system human created for good life, it is the source how human get evolution, but also the biggest boom under our bed.


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腦子其實就是寄生在人體內的最大寄生蟲!----- AW

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心 • 欲


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Why Jobs die so early.

I suddenly realized why Steve Jobs dead so early, maybe it is a big punishment because he bring the smartphone in life.

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beautiful things don’t ask for attention

The anchor of the movie is really Sean Penn's one scene, where O'Connell tells Walter that, sometimes, when he's on a shoot and there's a moment that he loves, he doesn't take the picture. That the camera just gets in the way. That it's more important to enjoy the moment for yourself. Where he tells Walter that "beautiful things don't ask for attention."

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可惜凡事没有一面倒的好处,方便更可能带来的是 "下流",所以当科技和创新到达某个点的时候,当科技和创新的弊端大于享受时,保守怀旧势力必会兴起。

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